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ISD combines cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology and goal achievement tools to bring you one of the most powerful transformational coaching processes in the world.

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Book a FREE 30-Minute Intro Session with an ISD Coach

Interested in personal, professional, or organizational coaching with ISD? Grab a spot on the calendar and book a free 30-minute session to discuss your goals and the ISD coaching process to see if it's a good fit!

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 "I felt I was paddling in circles toward undefined goals when I had the opportunity to work with Wes Ettinger. I knew Wes as a brilliant thinker, and now I experienced him as a brilliant coach. The coaching method he has developed gave me the tools to guide myself, refine my goals, and set them in motion. In the process I created a meditation practice, and, in general, began to take better care of myself on all levels. The first six week sessions were so productive, I signed up to continue for another six. I feel empowered to continue on my own now but, if offered, I would jump at the chance to spend further creative time with this kind, perceptive teacher." 

-Delia M., PhD

"At first I didn't know what to expect, I just knew I needed some guidance, and Wes and I seemed to hit it off, so I gave it a try. To say it was a good decision is an understatement... He is very understanding of situations, and a very good listener. He gives you the ammo, you apply it. It is that simple. Since my sessions with ISD, I have overcome pretty near ALL my obstacles that were plaguing me, although I was mainly concerned with one. By helping me understand the problem Better, and giving me the knowledge on how to beat it, I managed to overcome a lot more than I had hoped. 5+ stars from me. If you are on the fence, or unsure of your next steps, have a consult with Wes - you will not regret it."

-Glenn G.

"I couldn't emphasize the skill, thought, love, and intention put into this coaching program enough. It is seriously transformative. Coming from someone who has been surrounded by other phenomenal coaches and the industry for a long time, the approach specifically taken is extremely unique and deeply impactful. Without getting wildly specific, this method has helped me destroy areas of blockage in my life/programming that have been stifling me personally my ENTIRE LIFE. And that's just within a 5-week timeframe. If you are even remotely serious about unlocking your full potential, ISD is worth your full attention and full devotion."

-Gage W.

"I’ve attended a number of group sessions (and a couple of 1-on-1 deep discussions) using the Integral Self-Discovery approach, and every time learned something new, intriguing, & freeing – that helped me see myself & others in authentic & truthful ways. ISD is a fantastic framework for learning about the different parts of ourselves and understanding their motives, fears & desires. I loved the way ISD would guide different parts of ourselves to band together or lean on one another in times of trouble. Years later, I still do this! If you have much self-introspective experience, or none at all, I recommend you checking out ISD! You’ll definitely learn more & transform yourself."

-Genevieve D.

"I worked with Wes for several sessions doing Integral Self-Discovery coaching, and found it fascinating. Wes offers a unique way to gain perspective on your life – the often unseen aspects of your personality that are playing out in a way that is both very specific to you and your story, and is also entirely universal in so many ways. Carl Jung was not the first to discover and identify the many archetypes we carry within our consciousness, those are as old as humans ourselves, but he certainly made some helpful observations. Wes is continuing in this tradition, finding threads that go back to the beginning of sentience, and making it relevant to people, making it possible to work with, making it both fun and potent work that helps us tell our own story in a way that heals and integrates the many aspects of who we are."

-Eli C.

"Extremely effective coaching techniques. Well-structured & comprehensive. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to better understand themselves and reach their goals. Wes is passionate, curious & a great listener. Five stars!"

-Cassandra L.

"ISD goes beyond life coaching. It is a methodology to access the best part of yourself and become the most effective at any endeavor you envision for yourself. It offers not only a path to personal fulfillment but also self unity."

-Nicholas S.


Integral Self-Discovery® offers private coaching and workshops in personal development, leadership, and goal achievement. Founded in 2014, ISD utilizes a unique, proven process to assist clients in reaching their full potential through goal-oriented self-exploration. Click here to learn more or book a free session and assessment.

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